NDIS Packages

$48,000 P.A. Rental Guarantee 10 Years / 20 Years

Features of NDIS Packages

  1. NDIS Properties have positive cash flow.

  2. You are guaranteed a rental income of $48,000 p.a inc gst. This scheme is provided by NDIS Providers and are backed by the government.

  3. Maintenance is covered by the NDIS Provider, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of maintenance.

  4. No risk of vacancy, NDIS Providers provides a 10 year guarantee of the property being rented. So you don’t have to worry about the tenants moving out and the hassle of getting other tenants or even having the property vacant for months.

  5. Depreciation of the house can be claimed as negative gearing.

  6. Full Turnkey homes. NDIS homes are ready to use once you are handed over the keys of the house.

  7. NDIS properties are located in the growth corridors of VIC, such as Truganina, Rockbank, Melton and so on.

  8. NDIS Properties have high demand in the market but low supply.

  9. You do not need to worry about tenant issues as well as tactics which are very common in Vic as you are provided with a 10 year rental guarantee and $48,000 positive cash flow p.a inc gst.

  10. Normal properties have out of pocket expenses per month whereas NDIS Properties don’t have out of pocket expenses per month as the maintenance is taken care of by the NDIS Provider, whereas with normal properties the maintenance is not covered and it is the landlord’s responsibility if something goes wrong with the property which can be a small issue like a faulty tap or even a big issue such as the air conditioning not working and might need to be replaced.

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